As more states legalize cannabis, the general public is learning more and more about its medical and adult usage. The widespread use of cannabis or weed also is piquing many people’s curiosity. So, naturally, interesting facts about marijuana are emerging. Here are few interesting facts about cannabis, that might change the way you think about this ‘versatile’ plant.

1. Hollywood or Hollyweed

Twice Hollywood was renamed to ‘Hollyweed’. Some pranksters achieved the name change using tarps, they changed the “o’s” to “e’s”. The first time this occurred was in 1976 and the last time was in 2017.

2. Americans, “Marijuana”, late 19th century

It was only at the end of the 19th century that Americans started to pronounce the Mexican Spanish marihuana or mariguana in their own way, Marijuana.

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3. Icelanders are the Biggest Stoners

Jamaica or Netherlands may have the highest population percentage consuming marijuana but it’s actually Iceland with almost 18 % of its population reportedly using cannabis.

4. Cannabis is relatively Safe and Less Addictive

Studies indicate that alcohol and smoking are more harmful than marijuana.Moreover, a cigarette has a 90% addiction rate while marijuana is even less addictive than coffee.

5. Vanity Fair used to Advertise Hashish Candies

The 1862 commercial said it was a pleasurable remedy against anxiety and melancholy. For a long time, marijuana was considered legal medicine in the US and was even added to the US Pharmacopeia. It was only at the beginning of the 20th century that states started to ban it.