Here are eight trivia facts about the relationship between Hollywood and Cannabis:

  • Cannabis in Classic Films: Cannabis has been featured in classic Hollywood films like “Reefer Madness” (1936), which originally intended to discourage marijuana use but later became a cult classic due to its unintentional humor.
  • Famous Stoner Duos: Actors like Cheech Marin and Tommy Chong formed a comedy duo in the 1970s and became iconic for their stoner humor in movies like “Up in Smoke” (1978).
  • Hollywood Stars and Cannabis: Many Hollywood stars, including Woody Harrelson, Seth Rogen, and Snoop Dogg, are openly cannabis enthusiasts and advocates for its legalization.
  • Medical Marijuana Advocacy: Actress Whoopi Goldberg co-founded a medical cannabis company, Whoopi & Maya, which produces products aimed at relieving menstrual pain and discomfort.
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  • Netflix and Cannabis: Netflix released a cannabis-themed cooking show called “Cooking on High” in 2018, where chefs competed to create cannabis-infused dishes.
  • Cannabis-Themed Documentaries: Several documentaries, such as “The Culture High” and “Grass Is Greener,” explore the history and social impact of cannabis, featuring insights from Hollywood figures.
  • Cannabis at Awards Shows: Cannabis-themed gift bags, including CBD products and vaporizers, have been given to celebrities at events like the Oscars and the Golden Globes.
  • Cannabis in TV Series: TV series like “Weeds” (2005-2012) revolved around the marijuana industry and its impact on a suburban family’s life, highlighting the evolving attitudes toward cannabis in society.

These trivia facts illustrate the enduring presence and evolving perception of cannabis in Hollywood and its influence on popular culture.