Cannamilk is considered a “mother sauce” in the world of edible cannabis as it can be substituted into any recipe that requires milk, making it versatile like cannabutter or cannaoil. THC, the main psychoactive chemical in cannabis, is not readily digested by itself. As THC is fat soluble it can be extracted into milk in order to make it more accessible to the body.


  • 7 cups of whole milk
  • 3 cups of heavy whipping cream
  • 1/4 oz. – 1/2 oz. of cannabis (this amount will vary based on the potency of the bud)
  • Cheese cloth or terry cloth

4 Republic Cannabis Flower at WeedWay, Sunland Tujunga4 Republic Cannabis Flower at Legal Weed Dispensary, Sunland Tujunga, California


Step 1

Put several inches of water in your sauce pan and bring to a slight boil.

Step 2

While your water is heating up, combine the milk, cream, and cannabis in the steel bowl and stir the ingredients together well.

Step 3

The water should be close to a boil by now, reduce it to a simmer and place your steel bowl on top of the sauce pan. Effectively, the water in the sauce pan acts as a heat buffer. The steam will rise and touch the bottom of the steel bowl and the cannamilk will heat evenly and be able to reach the nice high temperature needed to properly decarboxylate without the risk of scalding or curdling dairy products.

Step 4

Once all the ingredients are in the bowl and it’s resting comfortably atop the sauce pan, hang close by for a bit and give the cannamilk a stir here and there.

Step 5

After you’re pretty certain that your cannamilk is properly heating, just let it cook! At a minimum, allow at least 30 minutes of steeping time. On the maximum end, no longer than about 3 hours.

Step 6

If enough time has passed, remove the bowl and strain the mixture through the cheese cloth to filter out the plant matter.

Cool it in the fridge and use to your heart’s desire!