Perfect weed quotes for every occasion so that your InstaGram page shines.

  • “Herb is the healing of a nation, alcohol is the destruction.”Bob Marley

    Making your alcoholic friends feel bad about themselves.

  • “That’s not a drug. It’s a leaf.”Arnold Schwarzenegger

    Showing how insightful you are

  • “Smoke good, fuck better, count money, what’s better?”

    When you want to convince the people you went to high school with that you’re super successful now.

  • “You can’t complain when you’ve got Mary Jane.”

    When you’re an aspiring rapper.

  • “Bad girls and good weed.”

    When you try to convince your friends that you get laid.

  • “Pass blunts, not judgment.”

    When you don’t care about anti-cannabis propaganda

  • Bubba Glue

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  • “4/20 is national weed day, and 4/21 is national random drug test day.”

    For when you’re a narc.