A persistent problem with cannabis growers is the handling and rehydration of dried cannabis. Perhaps the grower might left the plant hanging for too long or have taken the cannabis from a moist climate to a dry one, these reasons add up to the problem. If this is your situation, do not worry, here are best tips to on how to rehydrate your weed. (Content Courtesy: TheWeedBlog.com)

How to Rehydrate Weed

1. Get a Wet Cotton Ball

Place it in tin foil, poke holes in tin foil. Let it sit in jar with bud, for couple hours, should return moisture to your buds.

2. Put your Cannabis in a Jar along with a Few Fresh Orange Peels

Shake the jar or rearrange the nugs and peels every four hours so to ensure better moisture distribution. Be careful how many orange peels you use cuz you can easily over moisturize your nugs.

3. Skin just the Outer Layer of a Lemon Peel and Stick it a Jar Overnight

A couple of strips will do. Remove the peels in the morning to prevent mold. You should be good after that. Just keep “burping” the jars a regular intervals and the faint smell of lemon should dissipate as well.

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4. Put it in a Bag with a Slice (or small piece) of White Bread

Leave it overnight and it can bring back just the right amount of moisture to your weed.

5. Try a Piece of Lettuce

It works well and doesn’t affect the flavor.

6. A Piece of Apple

It does not contain the aromatic oils of the citrus fruit and none of the yeast which could also cause mold, in the bread.