The process of concentrating plant compounds including cannabis and retaining the benefits of these compounds in medicinal form is called Tinctures.

A versatile compound that not only can be used into wide variety of food and beverages, but also can be used in several ways.

Benefits of Cannabis Tinctures:

1. Drop-by-Drop Dosing.

Food and beverages can be titrate precisely by using Tinctures as titrate can be achieved by dispensing single drop or two at the most.

2. Minimum effective dose

Minimum effective dose (MED) can be achieved by using Tinctures. One can describe MED as the smallest amount of cannabis required that will be effective to treat your medical condition. . Learning your MED saves money, lowers your cannabis tolerance, helps you select products with the correct potency, and can result in more effective treatment.

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3. Discreet sublingual application

By taking tinctures directly under the tongue and holding for 15 seconds, cannabinoids are absorbed directly into the bloodstream through the sublingual artery. This administration method is also preferable for those seeking a discreet way to consume cannabis, without the odor created by smoking or vaping.