Cannabis tinctures are widely available from recreational cannabis retailers but not everyone is familiar with this product. While produced from the same plant, dried cannabis flower and cannabis tincture are very different forms of cannabis. Dried flower is smoked or vaporized, while tinctures are applied to the mouth or added to food and drink, so each one is quite distant from each other.

Here are some of the amazing benefits of cannabis tinctures.

1. Healthier Alternative to Smoking

While smoking may be the most popular method of consuming cannabis, it is not necessarily the healthiest. Smoking cannabis can irritate the respiratory system. For patients who want to avoid the ill effects of smoking, tinctures are a great alternative. Tinctures can be taken sublingually (under the tongue) as they take effect quickly, which is ideal for patients who need a rapid yet smokeless method of consumption.

2. Effects are Immediate

Tinctures can be consumed sublingually, which is consuming by adding a few drops of the liquid below the tongue. This gives an immediate effect in comparison to smoking and vaporizing, where it can take anywhere from 5-15 minutes to hit you, while edibles take even longer at between 1-2 hours.

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3. Add to Food and Drink

If cannabis edibles are unavailable at your disposale, an easy remedy at home would be cannabis tincture. just add a few drops of oil into food or drink and you’ve got a makeshift edible.

4. Dosing is Discreet

Not everyone wants to announce their cannabis consumption to the world. After all, few people are going to notice if you place a few drops ‘odorless’ liquid under your tongue, especially in comparison to lighting a joint.