While a quick overview may not reveal a big difference between eating and smoking cannabis, but ‘deep inside’ there is. It is not just the difference in the way how you consume, but also in the aftermath effect.

Here are 4 benefits cannabis edibles enjoy over cannabis smoking:

1. Edibles get into the body through Gastrointestinal Tract

When you smoke cannabis, the chemicals in the herb get into the body through your bloodstream to your brain, then to the rest of your body. Conversely, when you consume a cannabis-infused edible, the THC gets absorbed into your bloodstream through

your digestive tract, before undergoing a first metabolic pass in your liver. Then, and only then, does it enter your general circulation. The liver transforms the cannabinoid THC into a more potent THC form that’s inclined to wield a stronger effect on you. A more sedative one, too.

2. Long Lasting and Intense Feeling

For cannabis edibles the absorption process in the body takes longer time than it does through your lungs — taking 30 minutes to an hour before reaching your brain. The effects you will feel after consuming an cannabis-infused edible will usually be more gradual in onset. They’re also likely to last much longer with intense feeling than from smoking or vaping.

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3. Cannabis Edibles are Easier on the Lungs

Whether you like it or not, smoking cannabis could have an adverse effect on your respiratory health and one of the reasons being smoking cannabis account for a substantially higher rate of tobacco use than those who do not.

4. Edibles are more Intense

The sedative effect is felt more intensely in muscles in comparison to an inhalant and so edibles are much more capable of relaxing the body. This delivery system is becoming more and more favorable among those seeking to manage symptoms like joint or muscle pain.