According to statistic brain report, approximate of 56 million individuals in the US are experiencing hair loss. A recent study have also shown that applying hemp oil to hair can help incorporate cannabis compounds. For consumers of cannabis, you may be unaware the following marijuana strains are the best at preventing hair loss:

1. Critical Mass

An indica dominant strain, which is a hybrid of Skunk and Afghani having CBD level between 5% and 22% and THC content as high as 22%. After consuming the first thing you feel is euphoria before sleep takes over. It is effective in preventing hair loss.

2. Ringo’s Gift

A breed of ACDC and Harle-TSU, this sativa dominant cannabis strain has CBD content as high as 20% and 1% THC. The strain does not cause high because of the low amount of THC. Besides hair loss, it provides cerebral comfort, soothing effects for various types of pain, and body relaxation.

3. Corazon

A very new breed to the cannabis world, Corazon is a sativa dominant strain, which is a breed of ACDC and Charlotte’s Web. The hybrid has the highest amount of CBD in history with about 22.5% with 2.71% THC. It is a strain that is promising to bring a stop to hair loss.

4. Valentine X

Valentine X contains CBD content of 18% with small levels of THC. It is a breed from ACDC strain and contains 50% of both indica and sativa genetics. Some of its variants contain CBD to a maximum of 18% and of course, a small quantity of THC (about 1%). It is amongst the most potent pain relievers and helps to reduce inflammation.

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