Cannabis has been found to treat many chronic conditions like arthritis, depression and insomnia to name a few, which are qualifying conditions of the elderly. Many people find that cannabis has far fewer and less serious side effects than prescribed medications. Cannabis, especially those strains high in cannabidiol (CBD), has shown promise in calming the symptoms of these conditions without producing intense stoned effects. It is for this reason we pen down top 4 cannabis strains for the senior (elderly) citizens.

1. AK-47

A Sativa dominant hybrid that provides a steady cerebral high, especially effective at treating anxiety and depression, conditions which affect many elderly people. This earthy and pungent aroma cannabis strain is great for senior citizens who would like to improve their mental health, without becoming completely stoned.

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A sativa-dominant phenotype of the high-CBD cannabis strain Cannatonic. Due to its extremely low THC level and its extremely high CBD level, there’s almost no psychoactive effect. A patient with chronic pain or epilepsy might benefit the most.

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3. Critical Mass

Critical Mass is a great nighttime strain. It is a high-CBD indica that is known for its ability to sooth the soul and alleviate pain. It does have a decent amount of THC, so it can also bring about some nice dreams. This makes it a preferred strain for treating sleep disorders.

4. Harle-Tsu

Looking for something to target anxiety or chronic pain without the stoned effects? Harle-Tsu is a good choice. It is a CBD-dominant strain that keeps the user’s head clear. It comes with a relaxed feeling without weighing down the body. Seniors looking for the therapeutic benefits of a strain without feeling medicated, this one is for you.