Top Cannabis Strains for Making CannaButter

Cannabutter can be used in various other dishes and cuisines if they want to make the dish cannabis-infused and therefore more tasty in a different way. For making cannautter, you need loads of weed, which eventually can become pretty expensive. So, which strains are the best for making cannabutter?

1. White Widow

This potent sativa dominant cannabis strain is one of most flavorful strains making it suitable for cannabutter. The delightful peppermint taste will give your cannabutter and resulting baked goods a cool and refreshing minty test.

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2. Trainwreck

This sativa dominant cannabis strain is very popular among recreational users. A fantastic strain for making cannabutter hits strong and fast when smoked, and the effects of edibles made from Trainwreck seem like they last for days.

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3. Skywalkler

An indica dominated strain that can be very relaxing as well as sleep inducing melting away all your pains and troubles. With its Cannabis Cup winning genetics, it’s no wonder Skywalker is a favorite of cannabis chefs and smokers alike.

4. OG Kush

One of the best strains for making cannabutter is OG Kush, a strain that every self respecting grower should cultivate. This calming and relaxing strain will make you feel more happier. This strain is also equally famous among cannabis chefs and smokers.

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