This ‘God’s Herb’ is called just not it is used in Hindu festivities, this versatile herb has tonnes of benefits. Not only this plant has the capability to ease physical pain, but also can keep you cool mentally. Here we have top 4 strains that can help you relax when manage your anger.

1. Grand Daddy Purple

This strong indica dominant grape flavored cannabis strain is also famously called GDP across the world is a cross of Big Bud and Purple Urkle. Although being an indica dominant strain it gives you a relaxing body high, this bud also provides your mind with a euphoric effect allowing you to chill out and laugh about whatever it is you were stressing about.

2. Frank’s Gift

This is a sativa dominant strain carrying THC level under 5% and a phenotype of skunk haze. It has non psychoactive effects which makes this strain a great choice for smokers of all levels. So, sit back and relax and enjoy the ‘gift’.

3. Canna Tsu

A cross between two popular high-CBD strains; namely, Cannatonic, and Sour Tsunami. This hybrid offspring’s high CBD and low THC content provide mental clarity and a mellow high. Canna Tsu can be used in the daytime without any worries and will instantly offer a feeling of calmness.

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4. Master Kush

Master Kush is one such legendary Indica strain that was created by crossing two landrace strains from Afghanistan and Pakistan. It is famous for inducing a total, full-body high, sans the couch lock. In addition to delivering a sharpened, heightened awareness, it also helps in treating insomnia.

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