The state of euphoria is not just a giggle or a small boost of optimism but euphoria is an intense state of excitement and happiness. So, all cannabis strains cannot help you to reach the state of euphoria but here are top 4 cannabis strains known for their euphoric potential.

Top 4 Cannabis Strains for Euphoria

1. Durban Poison

A pure sativa strain originating from South Africa, that tastes reminiscent of pine boasts strong cerebral effects. Durban Poison provides focus, clarity and a sense of euphoria and help you to get relax to get the necessary tasks accomplished. It provides very little in body highs and almost entirely affects the head, giving a buzzy, socially-boosted high that can fit a variety of situations.

2. Green Crack

This daytime pure cannabis strain is perfect for an uplifting and energizing boost. With a fruity flavor reminiscent of mango help consumers to fight fatigue, stress and depression. This strain is great for the creative mind who needs an extra kick, to focus on tasks and really dedicate oneself.

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3. Purple Kush

This pure indica strain is a cross of Hindu Kush and Purple Afghani with earthy and sweet aroma that gives you a relaxing and calm mental high. But it comes with a heavy body high that envelops users in a warm relaxation and a sense of bliss. You may find yourself smiling for no reason while gazing off into the distance with this strain.

4. OG Kush

An indica dominant cross of Hindu Kush that boasts aromas of skunk, fuel and spice provides a meditative mindset and an almost uncontrollable urge to smile. This strain offers therapeutic effects when it comes to pain, low mood, and sleep issues.

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