Continuing with “10 Surprising Benefits of CBD Gummies – Part 1”, we give you 10 more surprising benefits of CBD gummies.

11) Counter The Negative Effects Of THC

We all know the reality-altering effects of THC, but CBD counteracts all the negative effects of THC. CBD keeps THC from running amok and causing all sorts of debauchery.

So if you want to cut short a bad trip, temper the paranoia of your regular trip, or just come down faster, pop a CBD gummy or two and you’ll be on your way.

12) Antioxidant Properties

The CBD in CBD gummies is also an antioxidant. Antioxidants protect both your body and brain by removing harmful molecules called free radicals.

When free radicals build up in your body, they can lead to all kinds of health problems. One particularly egregious problem caused by free radicals are neurodegenerative disorders, like Alzheimer’s disease.

13) Act As A Digestive Aid

When you introduce high amounts of CBD into your brain, it acts like a digestive aid by stimulating your appetite and reducing nausea.

This is good news for patients with cancer (or those being treated for cancer). Many types of cancer, and even the treatments used to prevent them, will decrease a person’s appetite directly. With CBD (as in CBD gummies), the nausea disappears, the appetite returns, and cancer patients can focus on getting better.

14) Suppress Seizure Activity

Seizures — violent shaking and loss of control — originate in the brain as interruptions in electrical activity. That makes them difficult to treat with conventional methods.But cannabinoids like CBD show promise as an effective treatment for this debilitating disease. Patients like Charlotte Figi, who suffers from Dravet syndrome, take high amounts of CBD and report a significant reduction in seizure activity. Small amount of CBD in one gummy can reinforce your brain’s regular electrical activity.

CBD Gummies at Cannabis Dispensary, Sunland, CaliforniaCBD Gummies at Legal Cannabis Weed Dispensary, Sunland, Los Angeles

15) Relieve Pain And Swelling

CBD interacts with the vanilloid receptors in your brain to relieve pain and swelling in other parts of your body.

This is good news for those who suffer from chronic pain and disorders such as fibromyalgia.

16) Reduce Anxiety And Depression

High amounts of CBD can reduce anxiety and depression. It does this by interacting with two specific parts of your brain, Adenosine receptors and Serotonin receptors.

The adenosine receptors play a large role in governing how you experience anxiety, while the serotonin receptors are involved with depression. CBD helps keep both your adenosine receptors and serotonin receptors running at 100-percent all the time.

17) Helps Relaxation

With so much going on in your busy life, you might find it hard to relax at the end of the day. When you’re on edge like this all the time, you’ll start to feel worn out even after a good night’s sleep.

The CBD in CBD gummies interacts with your brain and body in a way that results in feelings of calmness and relaxation even during times of high stress.

18) Improve Focus

Another unique benefit of CBD is that it increases focus and helps you ignore distractions.

CBD doesn’t make distractions disappear altogether. What it does do is make it easier for your brain not to fixate on the distractions that pull you away from the task at hand and concentrate on the task.

19) Normalize Blood Sugar Levels

Diabetes is a growing epidemic in the United States and affects the lives of millions of people. CBD, though, can help stabilize blood sugar levels so that the peaks and valleys aren’t so pronounced.

20) Facilitate Sleep

Sleep deprivation takes many forms — from not being able to fall asleep to waking up too often during the night.

Taken at the right time, CBD can help overcome these difficulties. CBD allows you to “turn off” your brain, relax, fall asleep faster, and stay that way throughout the night.