There is no such remarkable difference between Indica and Sativa in terms of CBD and THC levels. Once you start taking Cannabis products you will realize that cannabis can be cultivated to grow high CBD or high THC strains for both indica and sativa varieties.

However, these two species often produce different effects.

You’ve probably heard that sativa makes you energetic and that indica makes you lethargic and sedated.

Weed Way Sunland Tujunga - Indica Cannabis

The most palpable difference between indica and sativa is in their terpene profiles, which is a good indicator of the effects one cannabis strain might produce, especially when combined with cannabinoids.

Weed Way Sunland Tujunga - Sativa Cannabis

Terpenes are essential oils responsible for the aroma of cannabis, and they are present in cannabis in varying amounts, usually totaling up to 1% of the whole flower volume.

Indica strains tend to have a lot more myrcene than sativa, which is why indica strains often produce body relaxation.

All of these subtle differences in their biochemical composition account for the difference in produced effects.