Cannabis indica and Cannabis sativa are subspecies of a plant that is called Cannabis sativa L. which belongs to the Cannabaceae plant family.

Thanks to their cannabinoid and terpene profiles, these two species tend to produce different kinds of high:

Weed Way - Cannabis Indica Hella Dank

The high concentration of myrcene in Indica, is responsible for more stronger body effect, resulting in complete relaxation. If you consume too high of a dose, this can be quite unpractical for making love. This full-body blow is colloquially known as the “couch-lock”, where the user feels comfortably glued to the couch.

Weed Way - Sativa Cannabis Kanha Nano

Sativa strains have cannabinoids and terpenes (limonene for example) that usually offer a much more energetic and mind-driven high, leaving users with more stamina and a stronger desire to engage in any physical activity.

The one cannabinoid that is closely linked to sex is Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), which boosts dopamine secretion in the brain, just like sex.

A combination of high-THC strains and sex produces a high amount of dopamine in the body always leaving you hungry for more.